Our Process

We’re accommodating about different things at Job Vision. But we adopt a methodical procedure when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. We ensure our process is smooth for all our stakeholders. For our candidates, we give them wider access to opportunities that match their professional and personal goals. For our clients, we give them a thoroughly screened and scrutinized candidate from a wide gamut of network.

How we follow our process

We bring wealth of experience and a structed approach to achieve the best for our clients

Understanding of the Role
Our talent acquisition team understands the role before starting the talent hunt.
Market Mapping
Our market research team knows how to get best available talent in the industry.
Employer Representation
We deliver credible presentation of the job opportunity to the prospective employee.
Extensive Assessment
We present detailed assessment report of the candidates to employers.
It is the key for a trusted relationship. Immediate and true communication with all the stakeholders is our forte.
Process Management
Our experts ensure to get a perfect match between employer and job-seeker. We manage any gap during this journey.
Reference Check
Our Verification team makes a detailed reference report of all the selected candidates


Here are few of our basic principles that we follow in our recruitment process:

Cultural Fitment –
Often, value and cultural fitment is neglected element in hiring. It would not be advisable to look at candidates purely on skills, rather it is equally important to evaluate if the candidate is the “right match” for the organization. Our methodology ensures that we assess the perspective candidate with the organization’s values, culture and Vision to ensure a successful hire.
General Skill Fitment-
It’s a great thing to look at a strong CV with exposure to technology, processes, projects and team management. One thing which is not reflected on the resume is the basic skills which enables and drives individual to perform to best of their abilities. At Job Vision, we focus on their passion for work, their commitment, their attitude and to what extent they would be contributing to the betterment of the organization. Our assessment tests will ensure that the prospective candidate is thoroughly screened and evaluated.
Job Skills –
One of the most critical part of any recruitment process is to gauge a candidate’s competence in doing the assigned task. We at Job Vision, ensure that the candidate is thoroughly checked and screened for mandatory and “good to have” skills. Our AI technology enables us to execute our process prudently. This not only helps us in shortlisting candidates for the required role, but it also helps us narrow down to more relevant and credible profiles to save invaluable time and energy.
Job Change reasons –
This is one of the most ignored factors which is not considered seriously. Both active and passive job candidates are applying for an opportunity because they are looking for a job change, or they are looking to get an offer to negotiate internally in their workplace, or they are just scouting in the market to know their worth! Our team is well equipped and focused to find out that the real reason for any candidate’s application interest. We ensure that only the genuine candidates are shortlisted and referred.
Relationship Management-
Our job doesn’t finish after a successful placement of candidate, or relationship management team would be in touch with the candidate to find out if there is any issue or problem which needs attention. Our proactive measures ensure that we raise the challenges faced by the individual to the organizations so that any misunderstandings or any problems can be resolved at the earliest.