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  • Why Professional Resume Writing Service is So Important?

    Your Resume makes all the difference!

    With thousands of Resumes to go through, the HR won't spend more than about 30 seconds looking at each individual Resume. The secret of our Resume service lies in knowing what to include, what not to include, and what kind of a spin to put on your Resume, to ensure YOU stand out and not just the resume- to give you the highest possible chance of getting the dream job you want!

  • Take Benefit Of Our Exclusive Approach

    After you contact us and avail our services, you will be contacted by a resume building professional from Job Vision. Our experienced team will understand your profile, gather all the required information, and will even write , format and enhance your resume. Our professionals can build your resume from the scratch as well. Your final resume will cover all the relevant points about your knowledge , skills, along with our career advice and it will make you the best candidate to get a suitable job. We use the latest world class resume formats for making resumes.!

Take Advantage Of Our Award-Winning Recruitment Experience!

Job Vision Consultants are the best recruitment consultants for 2018 and 2019 in Delhi NCR!!! Our record speaks for itself. We combine high quality resume writers with best recruitment consultants who boost your job opportunities!! Our strong network globally with more than 10 countries and 100+ clients gives us the clear edge over others. Make a wise choice for your career!

Professional CV Writing Service

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We are going through unprecedented times and it is extremely important for you to enhance your chances of getting your dream Job with a high-class resume and social media profiling. If you are looking for a competitive edge with a resume that makes you stand out, then you are making the right selection here.
Suitable for Indian Job Market
  • Highly Customized Resume
  • Detail oriented Resume
  • 6 months free support for resume modification
  • Personlised attention
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International Resume
Suitable for International Job Market
  • Globally certified CV writers
  • 6 months free support for resume Modification
  • International Cards accepted
  • Personalized attention
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Suitable for domestic and International Job Market – both
  • Highly Customized Resumes
  • Highly cost effective
  • 2 copies of resumes
  • 1-year free support for resume Modification
  • Personalized attention
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LINKEDIN Profile Makeover

If you are looking for job change, LinkedIn is a best place to find a job and make yourself extremely effective in your job hunting. With more than 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to hire candidates, it is important for you to stay ahead of your competitors

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CXO Resume

We understand your needs for a customized resume, and we are well equipped to assist you diligently. Since we are an organization with a strong focus on Executive level hiring, there is no one in the market that can match our services. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Career boosting and profile highlighting Services

We will forward your resume to various companies, recruiters and hiring manager, within our extensive database. Your chances will substantially increase by getting more views from the right recruiters across the globe. Be on their priority list when they are looking for people just like you.

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Super Combo

Domestic Resume
International Resume
LinkedIN Profile
Career boosting and highlighting
All combinations together

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Online Web Resume

Create a stunning website for your portfolio or resume to showcase your work and talent. Make a highly successful web resume in 2020

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Benefits of Using Job Vision Resume Services

Benefits on Job Vision Job Vision Resume
Important Keywords in CV to boost interview
Impress recruiters with the best professional resume
Stand out and leap ahead as right candidate for job
Highlighted skills and experience in your resume
Proof reading and thorough checks in your resume
Error free resume with more than 50 quality checks
Best international resume templates to be used
Get your dream resume in just 3 working days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is so good about Job Vision resume writing services as compared to other Resume Writing Services?

    Job Vision Consultants is one of the pioneers of the consulting when it comes to building resumes and it is also one of the most trusted recruitment partners for Fortune 500 and other leading companies across the globe. We have successfully executed critical projects,counselled thousands of students and have interviewed more than 25000 candidates for various opportunities in different organizations. We have specialised in executive search and have also been instrumental in buildingteams and have played a prominent role in shaping up various careers. Our biggest strength in our huge database and extremely professional resume writers and head-hunters who had been instrumental in guiding students and organizations for their success

  • Why do I need Job Vision Resumes?

    With thousands of Resumes to go through, the HR will not spend more than about 30 seconds looking at each individual Resume. The secret of our Resume service lies in knowing what to include, what not to include, and what kind of a spin to put on your Resume, to ensure YOU stand out and not just the resume- to give you the highest possible chance of getting the dream job you want!We know how to develop and grow your brand into a powerful document that represents you with all your qualities, skills, experiences, internships and writing down relevant information to make your resume stand out.!! Branding is extremely professional and reflects YOU. Your resume is your first step to getting your dream Job. Think of this as the steppingstone for your long-lasting success!

  • What is my return on Investment if I avail Job Vision resume Service?

    You need to carefully invest in COVID-19 situation as you need a strongbrandwhich will be your defining document for years to come! Your resume must represent your skills and what differentiate you from rest of the competition. Once you are availing our services, you would be assigned a dedicated professional which will not only ensure that you get a quality resume but can also help you network to different leaders across industry! Job Vision is a leader in recruitment consulting and that opens lot of opportunities for you to grow!!! With high-class resume, you would always be preferred over others asResumes have evolved as a strategic marketing tool to speak for you long before you are called for an interview and even long after the interview.

  • Why have a target specific resume?

    Having a specifically targeted resume will focus you on your relevant skills and what you are looking for which will help you get closer to achieving your goal. Resumes that are generic in nature get overlooked or rejected, by the recruiter because it appears that the candidate is not serious about a specific job role when they are looking for students who are focussed on a goal. Hiring managers want to hire a person who is assured about what he wants to do.

  • Why is Cover Letter Important?

    Cover letter is important as it describes about your profile and your interest about a particular job opportunity. However, in some cases, it is not mandatory as many online resume submissions ask for your resume only. Having a resume with the cover letter is a more complete tool for your application.

  • What’s the Real Purpose of making a Resume?

    If you have just started with your Job Search, you might have been led to believe that a any resume document gets you hired. Please do not make that mistake. 9 out 10 HRs will reject an improper and poorly formatted resume. You might be strong candidate but to reach an interview level, high class resume is essential.There is no point in preparing for an interview if do not get even shortlisted. How will you showcase your talent if they do not call you for an interview? You also need a great resume to even assure HR that you are serious about your career and the given Job.

  • How to cut down a too Long and boring Resume?

    If you write lot of things onto your resume, it will get cluttered and lengthy. Your resume should be maximum of two pages which is generally accepted for Indian/ Canadian / US / International Resumes (although CV’s may run much longer). Trimming your resume means cutting out the excess words and irrelevant information.

    For any queries , please drop a mail to or call 8826050051